KS&P Technologies, LLC is a high tech company grounded on three decades of experience of its founders in basic, applied research and development and technological innovation in Robotics, Automation and unmanned systems. The Company has been established to provide services and products in its areas of expertise, centering on providing total solutions for: i) Small-scale, Class I unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) to be utilized for civilian/public domain applications, and ii) Unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs). The company has expertise in modeling, desing and development of unmanned systems, development and testing of autonomous, sensor-based robust navigation controllers, intergrated control and diagnostics, and on application specific total solution robotic systems. KS&P Technologies, LLC is supported by a team of researchers, scientists and engineers whose expertise in their respected fields is well known and respected.

The major business principles of KS&P Technologies, LLC are as follows:

  • Global business and R&D presence
  • Rapid Development of fully tested prototype systems
  • Fast technology transfer from basic and applied research to development, and to commercialization
  • Continuous improvement of services, processes and products
  • Total solutions with proven reliability, fault-tolerance and safety
  • Customer satisfaction and their safety come first
  • The most important assets are the people we work with

KS&P Technologies, LLC maintains the highest possible standards for R&D, including cutting edge technologies suitable to the Robotics, Automation and unmanned systems areas. When designing, developing and testing prototype systems, cost-effective, reliable and proven off-the-self components are considered in order to offer best service, maintainability and minimum down time, maximizing operability.