KS&P Technologies Portofolio

KS&P Technologies is a total solutions company. The Company's portfolio covers the entire spectrum from basic research to information processing, training and product service. Sample ingredients of the company’s portfolio include:

  • Basic and applied research performed at affiliated research labs
  • Commercially ready, safety critical and market proven technology
  • Design of custom-made unmanned platforms, controllers and navigation systems, as well as software
  • Prototyping to account for component modularity, scalability, portability, robustness, robust communications, safety and security, and low power electronic synthesis
  • Production using off-the-shelf, as well as custom made components
  • Testing by certified operators and test pilots via simulation and in realistic flight scenes
  • Training by certified flight instructors
  • Service and maintenance by a network of engineers
  • Technology archival via collaborations and through unmanned system conventions and conferences

The Company’s expertise, strength and know-how covers the full cycle from conceptual and theoretical designs, to paper and pencil solutions, to hardware-in-the-loop and software-in-the-loop simulations, validation and verification (V&V), to actual implementation, testing and experimental V&V before releasing prototype ‘turn-on key’ autonomous unmanned systems.