KS&P Technologies Vision Statement

The Company’s vision is to be a leader in applied research and in high technology based services and product development and commercialization. The Company envisions that research methodologies and techniques, tools, best practices and cutting edge technologies will be reinvented continuously in order to be utilized for high-impact technological invention and innovation. The Company aims at being a major contributor to building and testing the next generation of intelligent, autonomous unmanned systems in general, and UAS and UGVs for civilian/public domain applications in particular. The Company also aims at playing a key role in building detect-sense-and-avoid systems for UAS, which is one of the prerequisites to integrating them into the national airspace system (NAS). A focal point of the Company's R&D efforts is to look for and apply novel techniques that push forward the frontiers of unmanned systems leading to the next generation of fully autonomous, functional and commercializable prototypes.